Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's a.....GIRL!

We are happy to announce that we are having a beautiful baby girl in September!

We are naming her Kaylee Virginia....the middle name,Virginia, is after my late Grandma and my husband's living grandmother.

The doctor said she is doing very well and is clocking in at .7lbs, which is right on track for 19 weeks 3 days.  We got to see her arms, legs, spine, heart, kidneys, and, ahem, private areas, which indicate completely that she is a girl.  The doctor also informed me that all of my bloodwork came back perfect.  I am at the lowest risk for downs syndrome and other illnesses they test for.  Lots to be grateful for today!

Unfortunately, my doctor also informed me that he is retiring immediately from obstetrics and will not be seeing me any longer.  So I am going to have to switch doctors in the middle of my pregnancy, which I am a bit anxious about.  However, he assured me that he recommended a good doctor that happens to be much closer to me than where I currently have to go.  We will meet him on the next appointment. 

So definitely a very exciting day with mostly good news.  We are ecstatic because we had hoped to have a little girl first, and I can hardly wait to start buying pretty dresses for her!

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