Friday, May 11, 2012

Purple Legs, Another Ultrasound, and 3D pictures

Let it be known that I am the first lady ever to have purple legs during her pregnancy.  At least that's what I'm gathering judging by the doctors' responses.  It started a few months ago when my knees went purple.  I had heard of some women getting a little purple in a few "areas", but as of yesterday, both of my legs from my hip bone to my ankles have turned purple!  So I decided it was time to call in the new doctor for an opinion.  Both his opinion and the other doctor in the practice's opinion was "Never seen or heard of it before."  How comforting!

The good news was that to be on the safe side they wanted to do an ultrasound of Kaylee to make sure she was okay.  I'm always happy when I get to see my little girl and what was even better was there ultrasound machine was top notch compared to my other doctor's.  We got 3D ultrasound pictures of her face and regular ultrasound pictures of all of her other body parts!  The 3D pictures are hilarious, though, because she wouldn't move her hands away from her face, and she kept moving around in general.  So while not the best, here they are:

And of course, the last picture is confirming once again without a doubt she is a girl.  ;)

After the ultrasound came back normal, and they told me Kaylee had already grown 2 more ounces since last week (that's my girl!), they sent me to another hospital to have an ultrasound of my legs done.  This would determine if there were any blood clots or if my legs didn't have a strong pulse going through them.  Everything looked fine to the technician.  So unless my bloodwork comes back with something different, it appears that I just have purple tinted legs while pregnant, which I'm okay with.  There are worse things to have during pregnancy I'm sure.

.......okay okay, I won't leave you hanging.  I know everyone wants to see the purple legs.  Here's my right leg with my arm next to it for a comparison....yeeeeeeeah.


  1. So did they figure out what was causing the purple legs because I have the same problem!

  2. Yes, it was blueberries! I couldn't process the pigment I guess? Completely harmless, though. Hope this helps!