Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kaylee's Mama Turns 30!

We went out to a new Brazilian steakhouse restaurant for my 30th birthday.  

Here are a couple of pictures from that evening with my sweetest jelly bean.

More Beach Pictures

Once again, I found these on Mom's "purse camera".
Too cute not to post.

 Are we there yet?
Kaylee spent a lot of time in her carseat because
the beach house was pretty far from any grocery stores and restaurants

 Chillin at the beach house after a relaxing swim

 Our last night at the beach we went out to a nice restaurant

My new favorite pic right below....I love it

And a few of Kaylee and me at the beach

 This is a picture of Kaylee and Miss Norma.  She and her husband are dear friends of the family that I met when I was just a little older than Kaylee.  We stopped by her house on the way to our beach destination.

And this was taken on one of our morning walks
(my mother carries a walking stick that Kaylee likes to hold).
I call it
For all you Lord of the Rings fans out there.

And this final one is of me and Kaylee just snuggling at a Kaylee hugs!

Oldies But Goodies

I love my mom bless her sweet little heart, but she takes pictures with the camera in her purse, and they stay on her camera forever!  I finally remembered all the beach pictures she took and asked her for the SD card to pull them, and what did I find?  Easter pics!  Cute Easter pics of us with Kaylee.  So here they are.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 months old

Better late than never!  Kaylee turned 10 months on July 19th, so yes, she's almost 11 months now.  But with summer in full swing, I've been enjoying all the playtime I can get with my little angel instead of updating her blog.  She is doing so much now...she's a super busy bee.  She can crawl.  She hasn't quite gotten the concept of both knees on the floor, but that's okay.  She sticks one foot out to the side and hobbles along that way.  It's adorable!  She can also sit herself up from lying down, which is very helpful to mama because she used to just yell when she fell over and couldn't sit back up.  She's so close to walking.  She can stand by herself for a few seconds and takes off if you hold her hands.  

We also had our first beach trip with her.  She loved the sand...the ocean not so much.  She adored the pool, and someone might've taught her how to splash.  ;-)  Mama loved the 2 hour naps she took every morning after pool time.  Usually she only sleeps an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  Kaylee also slept like a rock at night for the most part.  We've been going through the 9-10 month sleep regression, and it's been a bit rough.  I think we're finally getting over that hump.

So here are a few pictures from our latest adventures in 
Kaylee Land...enjoy!

Here is what Kaylee does in her spare time at our office....she goes through Grandaddy's books for acceptable reading material.  We may have a preacher's wife on our hands....look at the second pic....the book is "If You Want To Walk On Water, You Have To Get Out Of The Boat".

Here's a flashback to Mother's Day...I finally got these off my real camera.  I mostly take her pics with my cameraphone.