Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 20

Guess what I felt last night?!  A KICK!  Finally!  I had some weird feelings in my lower abdomen, so I decided to put my hand on my stomach to see if I could feel anything better.  As soon as I did, she hauled off and kicked my hand!  Now that's a smart girl.  :)

Here is my Week 20 pic:

My mom says I definitely look pregnant now, especially since my stomach now surpasses my "girls", ha! And I'm starting to feel more pregnant for sure.  It's mostly the weight in my abdomen, though, and the increased appetite.  I have gained another 2lbs, so while I'm still not at the requisite 10 lb gain for 20 weeks, I'm closer. 

Besides Kaylee moving and growing, everything else is pretty much the same.  I'm grateful that so far this has been a relatively easy pregnancy.

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