Monday, April 30, 2012

The Great Weight Debate and THIS is the week!

First off, Wednesday we find out for sure (provided baby cooperates) if we're having a girl or a boy!  This has definitely been the longest four weeks of my life waiting on this confirmation.  I already have a lot of things picked out for the gender we think we're having, so all I need is this appointment before everything is a greenlight for baby shopping.  *big smiles*

This week is week 19, and as for the great weight debate, here's the deal:

At my last appointment, my doctor's scale showed 0 weight gain.  Well, that's not true because I monitor my weight at home every morning with consistency.  But, my doctor has weighed me each time with differing weights of shoes/clothes/etc.  I began my pregnancy in winter, so I would go into his office with heavy boots/long skirts/bulky sweaters.  As my appointments have progressed the clothes have gotten lighter and baby has gotten heavier, but everything on his scale has evened out to 0.

At my last appointment, he told me that he likes to see a 10lb weight gain by week 20.  By my scale I had gained 6lbs.  So I figure I would try to get to about 8lbs by this week to be close enough.  For those that don't know, I'm a big proponent of  low carb eating, so I try to keep it around 80-100g a day.  This weekend I pumped it up to 150-200g....basically making myself very sick from the junk....I lost a pound!  So I here I sit two days from my appointment with a 5lb total weight gain.  I give up.  As long as baby is healthy, the doctor can just deal.  I figure the baby is stubborn like me and doesn't like being told when to gain weight haha.  Although not pregnant me can't lose a pound that quickly to save her life.  The magic of pregnancy.

Of course, everyone says that come third trimester I will put weight on like crazy.  I'm skeptical right now.  I really think this baby takes after my husband and will be a tiny baby and a thin adult.  My prediction is the baby comes out around 6lbs at the most 7, but I certainly don't think we will be breaking any records with a heavier baby.

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