Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 35 and a Sunday School Baby Shower

Week 35 is already how quickly the time passes!  

This is Kaylee and me as of this week 
with little pink booties that were given out as party favors at the shower

And here are the pictures from the lovely baby shower that the ladies of my parents' Sunday School class threw me this past Sunday....don't you just love that tree?!  It was beautiful and filled with lots of pink baby goodies for Kaylee!

This is me with the hostesses

A wonderfully delicious spread of food....cupcakes, mini cakes, dips, sandwiches

A diaper cake with party favors

Cute gifts for Kaylee

 And three identical frog onesies all in different sizes yet all given unplanned by three different guests haha!

Everyone had a wonderful time....thank you so much ladies!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kaylee at 33 weeks

Yes that is our precious little angel's face.  It is so nice to finally have an almost fully formed face to go with the name after all this time.  She has definitely changed since our last ultrasound pics that included her face around week 16-18.  Her chin isn't as pointed as it once was due to her new baby fat.  :)  She also has a super cute button nose now! 

The doctor says I'm doing well, and I will go back at week 35 for another visit then every week after that.  How time flies.  I know she will be here soon, and we are now even more excited after the latest pictures.