Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 23 and Purple Legs Update

Well, we just had our week 23 appointment, and while there are no ultrasound pictures, it was nice to hear Kaylee's heartbeat again.  She was at 160 today, which is up from her heartbeat in the earlier months of around 153.  I figure it is because she's a growing girl and needs a stronger heartbeat to accommodate that.

The doctor also got to look at our birth plan today, which was met with optimism.  I really do like the new doctor.  He seems to be very laid back with everything, which is good for a person who likes to have control like I do.  I can't help it, though...I've done the research, and I know what I want.  All that stand between me and it is my pain tolerance, HA!

The doctor also agreed to give me two more ultrasounds over the course of the rest of the pregnancy.  One at 28 weeks and one at 36 weeks.  So I was relieved.  Apparently his office only does it for their more high risk patients, but I think I convinced him with my neurosis that it was necessary.  ;)

Finally, purple legs are gone, and we think we have an answer....blueberries.  Yep.  I don't think my body was able to process the pigment in the blueberries while pregnant, so it gathered in my legs.  My husband and I came to this conclusion in several very awkward ways.  My toilet seat had turned blue.  And only blue where my legs were...a perfect silhouette on the pristine white toilet seat.  Then after that, we noticed that my side of our cream colored sheets no longer matched his side.  I guess I was secreting blueberry pigment.  But what really tipped us off in addition to those things was the fact that we went on a trip recently where I didn't have blueberries to eat for breakfast.  By the time we returned, my legs were back to normal coloring.  All three clues put together, and viola!  Blueberry legs.

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