Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Baby Registries

This last weekend was super busy.  I went ahead and registered at all three places I had planned on: Amazon, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  I put the links to the registries to the right of the blog for easy access.

It was a hard decision deciding where to register.  I'm a renown researcher in my family...before anyone buys anything they usually ask me to check on the reviews, prices, etc.  So I used my skills to research practically every baby product out there haha!  The hard part came when almost everything I  need for Kaylee ended up being on Amazon and not located anywhere else.  I know a lot of people fear online shopping and want to do theirs locally.  So what I ended up doing is taking what I could from the Amazon registry that was available at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby and registering for those items at the stores.....unfortunately it only amounted to about fifty items at each store.  Needless to say the majority of the stuff is on Amazon.

The main reason for this is hubby and I are doing a lot of different things with Kaylee that many other people don't do.  For example, we plan on cloth diapering Kaylee.  No local stores carry the abundance of cloth diapering supplies that I need to have for two years, but Amazon does.  We are also following a minimalist design for the nursery (i.e.- practically no furniture but some wall decorations), and most of the decorations are only found on Amazon.  I plan on addressing these decisions in a future post, but these are some of the reasons for the Amazon registry.  The others are they beat everyone elses prices and over free shipping on anything over $ can't beat that.  :)

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