Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! 6 week update!

Jellybean is 6 weeks old!  

She weighs about 9.2lbs now.

She is really making some headway with her neck muscles, and I think by two months she will be able to hold her head up for awhile by herself.  

She is still eating about every 2 hrs during the day, but sometimes goes for 3-4 hrs at night (finally!)

She stays up more during the day, which probably accounts for why she sleeps longer at night now (sometimes).  

She finally took a pacifier, which we only gave her because she's been spitting up her formula and the pacifier encourages saliva production to help with digestion.  As a bonus, though, she is cool during the day if you aren't holding her constantly including her car seat on occasion, which she generally hates. 

She is interested in the TV sometimes, and while she usually stares at me, the Price is Right takes preference.  Ironically, I too enjoyed the Price Is Right as a baby and still do.  

She is blase about her baths.  She doesn't cry during them, but she isn't thrilled either.  I try to keep them short and sweet.  

She is still in newborn lil joey cloth diapers and newborn clothes, however, she does wear some 3 month clothes...they're just baggy.

Well, without further delay, here she is in her first Halloween outfit!



  1. She is so cute, I can't wait to meet her! Are you guys available this Saturday. The gamecocks don't play, so Justin may be more willing to head your way - sorry we didn't make it last weekend. I could never get Justin to say yes or no!

    1. I think the boys arranged something for Sunday....can't wait to see you guys! :)