Thursday, October 18, 2012

Almost 4 weeks

Hard to believe that Kaylee will be a month old this Wednesday!  We go in for another check-up for her and one for me as well with my OB since I had a C-section.  

Right now we're still battling with lack of sleep.  I think because Kaylee was born with such a low weight that she still has to eat every 2 hours like clockwork to gain weight.  Once she begins sleeping 3 or 4 hrs in a row at night, we should be in better shape.  :)

Currently all she does is sleep and eat and make funny faces at us, but she does seem to be observing more lately.  She is fascinated with our overhead lights in the living room...they are very bright "daylight" bulbs.  Yet when she's through observing she can fall right to sleep under them, which doesn't help for trying to keep her up so she'll sleep at night.

Well, until the next update, here are some funny faces of our little jellybean.

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