Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet Kaylee Virginia

Born September 19, 2012.  5lbs 12oz.  18.75 inches long.  

Quick birth story cause honestly there isn't much to tell.  The doctor said she wasn't gaining weight since the last checkup two weeks prior and to be on the safe side he felt that she didn't need to stay in there any longer.  This honestly came as a big shock to us cause we had hoped to have a natural birth but not an induction.  I didn't want Kaylee taking the hit of the induction meds not to mention she's so tiny that I didn't know if she could handle the birthing process.  So we chose the C-section, so I would take the brunt of the meds.  5:23pm that evening we had a little angel.  

She is really a good baby.  She does nurse A LOT, but she's super tiny.  She's just trying to make up for what she lacked at birth I'm sure.  She doesn't like to be put down, but most newborns don't.  At our last checkup on Monday, she was almost back to her birthweight already.  All of the doctors and nurses have been really impressed with her health and progress so far.  We are very blessed!

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