Thursday, June 28, 2012

27.5 weeks

We had another doctor's visit today with an ultrasound, but unfortunately the pictures aren't that great.  So you all will just have to look at me instead.  :)

I felt like she had grown a lot over the past few weeks, but the doctor told me she is just around 2.3lbs right now.  I was thinking she was definitely closer to 3.  She is probably exercising all of her energy off instead of using it to grow since she kicks me a lot.  The doctor also says she is currently breech, but I still have three months to go. My visits are now every 3 weeks, though, instead of 4 as I enter my third trimester next week.

Truthfully if she came today I would be just as thrilled as three months from now whether I have all the supplies I need now or not (cause I really don't yet, yikes!).  I'm ready to meet her whenever she appears, and the rest can just fall into place later.  I just want her to come out healthy and happy whenever she is ready, but the wait is definitely hard cause hubby and I are so excited to meet her!

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