Monday, August 4, 2014

35 weeks and counting...

Well, over the past six weeks since the last update, we've had our ups and downs with Oliver's weight.  At 32 weeks, he had dropped from the 50th percentile down to the 37th percentile.  He had only gained 1 pound-ish over the course of four weeks.  Most babies gain half a pound per week in the third trimester.  So he clocked in around 4lbs.  This worried me because if you take those measurements and add it to the remainder left in the pregnancy (i.e. - quarter pound a week for 7 weeks) then he would have the potential to be smaller at birth than even Kaylee was!  And she was a very petite 5lbs 11oz. 

Needless to say, I was worried and frustrated beyond belief because I haven't felt like eating much of anything in this trimester.  I'm guessing he's sitting right on my stomach.  Whenever I do eat, I get nauseous feelings, heartburn, and general yuckyness.  But I sucked it up and went against everything I know nutrition-wise and started gorging on junk food.  Arby's, Chic-fil-A, etc. And as of last Friday at the end of 34 weeks, he's back up into the 50th almost 60th percentile and weighs around 5.5lbs!  I guess there's plenty of time to eat healthy once he's born right?  I still try to balance out my days with veggies at a meal or two and some fruit and good fats (coconut milk, nut butters, coconut oil, butter) to try and even out the junk food destruction that is usually one meal a day.  But it worked, so I can't complain. 

For future reference sake, I'm also going to say that there are several theories as to why my babies are slow growers come third trimester, but the one that seems the most plausible currently is that I have a smaller than average placenta during pregnancy.  So this means that my babies don't get enough nutrients unless I'm hoarking down the food....specifically high calorie high carb junk.  The doctor's usual mantra, "The baby will get what it needs from you no matter what." doesn't really apply to me since they don't!


  1. Tuesday is actually Labor Day for us haha! C section scheduled for mid day out your way. :)