Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 months old

The smiles are abundant at 3 months old!  
Kaylee regularly smiles and coos at us and even attempts some words.  
She said "Hi" the other day right after my husband said it!  
I'm sure it was a happy accident, but we were pleased none the less. 
 She's still an easy-going baby that loves to eat.  
So while sleep isn't very plentiful right now, it's okay because she's almost a whopping 12lbs! 

We have officially begun baby sign language and regularly sign: "Mama", "Papa", "Grandma", "Grandaddy", "Bottle", "Diaper", "Swing" and a few others less regularly.  Hopefully by 8 months or sooner she will begin signing back.  I'm convinced she already knows some of the signs as her eyes light up when she sees her bottle and when we sign it to her.  She's a very smart little lady.  :)

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